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Founded by specialists with more than 20 years of track record in the Bitumen Industry, the BITUMINA TEAM combine the wealth of experience and knowledge of both the Petroleum Industry and Construction industry, bringing products to the market that are technically feasible for the oil industry and usable for the construction industry, ensuring delivery of products and solutions fit for custom requisitions of all clients. Bitumen is a complex, highly technical OIL PRODUCT & CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL - "BINDER".

The Groups dedication and innovative approach to find custom solutions for clients is what sets it apart from its competitors. The Group is competitive, efficient,and experienced and develops intellectual propertyon cutting edge technologies and formulations.

The experienced team collaborates with some of the world's best & largest engineering companies and equipment manufacturers to develop tailor made solutions for bitumen production (processengineering);handling, packaging, melting, processing & upgrading of bitumen, construction and engineering of bitumen terminals, melting facilities for cold packed bitumen and storage facilities for liquid hot and cold bitumen and asphalt. Our very core specialty is developing and producing CUTTING EDGE HI-TECH BITUMINOUS ASPHALT BINDERS FOR PAVEMENTS through chemical & physical modification, changing molecular structures of binders by application of polytechnics, to achieve enhanced properties with higher technical performance capabilities for better pavements reducing the cost of public spending.

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Off. M-05 Al Joud Bldg., Sheikh Zayed Road

P.O. BOX 213444 DUBAI, U.A.E.

(+971) (4) 328 4040 (+971) (4) 328 4447 Email : www.bitumina.ae