Custom Airfield binders

Airfield pavements are one of most demanding and special pavements, requiring utmost attention. Thus binders used cannot be of simply any type and must have particular high-tech properties of strength and resistance to aging and deformation.

Furthermore if binders are required for a maintenance job, due to very short maintenance windows in most busy airports, the reliability, application & serviceability play serious importance in the safety of passengers and flights.

The need for designing and construction of asphalt pavements that perform satisfactory and endure under extreme conditions of climate and very high prerequisites, lead BITUMINA’s Engineering team to develop solutions & products that can meet the highest requirements as well as standards and achieve enhanced properties, either through the modified binder or through a high modular mix design.

Where required, we work together with some of the largest construction companies of the world in developing highly reliable branded & licensed products known and tested in the industry for many years.

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