BITUMINA QuickPatchPro™ for pothole filling

Pavements are more and more subject to higher mitigation and distress caused by the increase of automobiles.

Therefore the preservation and repair of pavements are one of main preoccupations in our days, not only because it takes a lot of money to do it, but as well because we must consider more environmental friendly solutions by doing it.

BITUMINA research team has developed a solution for repairing potholes in a very practical way. QuickPatchPro™ is a bitumen binder, cold use, but hot produced with a special technic and additives, different from other similar products, ready to be used in any circumstances with immediate hoping to traffic, with no other product or base is required.

    Advantages of this special product:

  • Long last conservation
  • Very easy application
  • Ideal for small repairs
  • Useful all year longue in any circumstances
  • Immediate opening to traffic
  • Durability and resistance