Multigrade Bitumen

Multigrade bitumen is a chemically modified bitumen that has the properties of a hard paving grade bitumen at high service temperatures coupled with the properties of a soft paving grade bitumen at low temperatures (i.e. it has properties that span multiple grades). Multigrade bitumens provide improved resistance to deformation and reduce the detrimental effects of high service temperatures, whilst providing reduced stiffness at low service temperatures than exhibited by a similar normal paving grade bitumen.

BITUMINA is currently setting up its Multigrade engineering and modification facilities and we hope to be able to provide you with Multigrade Bitumens as of 2013.

At this time we do not supply Multigrade Bitumen, however may assist you in transfer of technology and supply of relevant equipment for production of this superb bitumen (asphalt).

Multigrade Bitumen
  • Is a bitumen with a positive penetration index
  • Is a less pavement temperature sensitive binder
  • Has a higher modulus at elevated temperatures
  • Is less brittle in the cold
  • In many cases performs like a PMB without the addition of polymers
  • Subsequently it has no elastic recovery
  • Is used e.g. in Australia, France and Poland

Product example: Multiphalt from Shell


Multigrade Bitumens are specifically formulated to be less temperature sensitive than standard grades.